Add a Job in Dash

We recommend creating one job per DOT number to avoid screenings that are DOT number-dependent from being run against the wrong one.

  1. Use the Add button on the search bar menu and select Create Job
    • Alternatively, select Jobs from the left navigation and click Add Job
  2. Complete the form
    • Job Title – This will be visible on the application for candidates
    • Category – The choice here will influence the available modalities and the choices of application form you can select later
      • Regulated Driver – driver regulated by FMCSA
      • Regulated Safety Sensitive – non-FMCSA-regulated jobs that perform safety-sensitive functions regulated by other agencies
      • Non-Regulated Driver
      • Non-Regulated Other – any job function that doesn’t fit the other three categories
    • CDL Required – Set to Yes to require the CDL on the application
    • Regulated Modalities – Select which agencies regulate this job
    • Employee Type - Full-time or part-time
    • Application Form – This will default to the standard form for the selected category. The Application Form defines the questions and their order on the candidate application.
      • By default, the standard application includes a "Partial" or initial application. The partial application asks the candidate for a limited amount of information just to get the screening process started. The idea being the candidate provides information as necessary rather than complete a full application in one sitting making the process easier for both candidates and recruiters.
      • Optionally, the partial application can be turned off and candidates can be taken straight to the full application with all questions. 
    • Job Description – You will have the option to display this description or a custom description on each job posting
    • Job Qualifications – You will also have the option here to display this or a custom version on each job posting
    • Recruiter – Select the person responsible for recruiting for this job
    • Watchlist – Any user added to this list will also get notifications for various events during the application and hiring process based on communication settings.
  3. Click Add Job


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