Configure Job Settings in Dash

Before adding a job or job posting, configure these job settings on the Settings page.

In Dash:

  1. Navigate to Settings settings.png and select the Jobs tab

Referral Sites

This will enable links on job postings that, when used, will allow you to see from which job board a specific candidate arrived at the application.

  1. Select the Referral Sites tab.
  2. Turn on your preferred referral sites.


Rejection Reasons

When you choose to not move forward with a candidate, you'll have these reasons to choose from.

  1. Select the Rejection Reasons tab.
  2. Add any custom rejection reasons to the pre-existing list of default reasons.


Hiring Locations

Job postings can be assigned to locations you add to this list.

  1. Select the Hiring Locations tab.
  2. Add hiring locations.


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