Drug Test Progress Statuses in Foley Portal

 Foley provides real-time status updates of where a particular drug test stands In its progress. Below are the detailed statuses of the testing lifecycle.

Test Status Description
In Progress - Lab Testing The driver-provided specimen is being analyzed by lab technicians
In Progress - Testing Completed The specimen analysis has been completed by the lab technician
In Progress - MRO Review The Medical Review Officer will verify the findings from the lab technician and sign off on the results
Completed Review has been completed by the Medical Review Officer and results are posted to the Foley Portal
Not Performed The driver was not able to provide the specimen or has refused to provide it
Ordered A test order  has been placed and a collection site has been collected for an individual
Ordered - Collection in Progress Driver has reached the collection site and is providing their specimen
Ordered - Collected The driver has completed the providing of their specimen and it is being prepped for testing


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