Form MCS-150

The FMCSA requires all motor carriers to keep their DOT registration and operation authority up-to-date so that the agency has accurate information on all commercial motor carriers in the United States.

There are a few different reasons why an update may be required, but the process for submitting them is always the same: the MCS-150 form.  Keep in mind this form is used only to update a current motor carrier’s record – not to create a new one.

  1. Your Information has Changed: If your name, address, or other pieces of business information have changed, you must file an update to keep your records current with the FMCSA. This update must be filed even if you recently submitted an MCS-150 form as part of a biennial update.
  2. It's Been Two Years: Every motor carrier is required to submit an MCS-150 every two years - even if no information has changed or you are no longer operating as an interstate carrier (and haven't notified FMCSA yet). Can't remember the last time you filed? Check your DOT number:
    1. The last digit of your DOT number tells you the month your update is due:
      • US DOT # Ending In: Must file by last day of:
        1 January
        2 February
        3 March
        4 April
        5 May
        6 June
        7 July
        8 August
        9 September
        0 October
    2. The second-to-last digit tells you the year it's due. Even numbers mean your biennial MCS-150 is due every even-numbered year; odd in odd numbered years.
  3. Your State Participates in PRISM: The Performance Registration Information Systems and Management program (PRISM) is a federal program that many states participate in. The purpose is to enhance the safety of the commercial motor vehicles on the road today. If you're required to open or renew your International Registration Plan (IRP), you will be required to update your MCS-150 each time your IRP is submitted.

It is important to file this form in a timely manner. The FMCSA will levy fines as high as $1000 a day, up to a max of $10,000.

You can find the form on the FMCSA website. If you need help completing it or understanding these requirements, please reach out - 860.633.2660!

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