December 2022 Release


Drug & Alcohol

Real-Time Test Statuses

Real-time statuses for drug tests are here! You'll now be able to see what happens between ordering a drug test and seeing the result. The statues on the Drug & Alcohol page will now reflect statuses like 'Specimen Collected' or 'At the Lab.'

Drug & Alcohol Reports

The "Drug & Alcohol Tests" report has been updated to report on drug and alcohol test across all your accounts, for any test reason and any test type (DOT or DFW).


Foley Portal

New Phone Number

You might notice a new support number at the top of the Foley portal. Be sure to update your rolodex!

New Invoice Email Address

We want to ensure your questions about your bill get answered quickly, so your invoice emails are going to start coming from a new email address: Be sure it's in your safe list if you have one!

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