March 2023 Release


Drug & Alcohol

Authorization Forms with Two Tests

Testing sites were missing that two tests were needed when both urine drug and breath alcohol tests were present on the same auth form. To avoid these misses in the future, the separate tests will be broken into separate lines on the pdf.

Collection Site Locator

We solved a problem with the collection site locator where it would return an error when searched zip codes included a city that includes an apostrophe.


Foley Portal

Wrong Disclosures for Mexico Licenses

We fixed a defect that was causing drivers with a Mexico license to be prompted to sign NJ and WA state disclosures.

New License Fields

License class, endorsements, and restrictions can now be edited in the portal.

Self-Service CA Affidavits

CA affidavits uploaded by your drivers were not showing up in the portal and clearing the related alert. We fixed the underlying issue.


Reporting & Analytics

New License Details Report

There's a new report called License Details is available under Reports - Program Reports. This report will give you visibility into detailed license data for your active employees including class, endorsements and restrictions.

Employee Detail Report - Drug Programs

The Employee-Detailed report under your Account Level reports was missing the DOT D&A column when run from the parent account; it was also missing the DFW D&A column when the report was run from a sub-account. Both columns now show regardless of which account you're on.


Driver Files

Custom Document Alerts

Two new alerts will now appear when a custom document on a driver file is about to expire or has expired.


Occupational Health

Generic Auth Form with No Location

There is now an option to create a generic authorization form for occupational health physicals when an in-network site is unavailable within 50 miles.


Employee Onboarding

Improved Status Management on Drug Screens

Occasionally, drug testing labs might miss sending us intermediate statuses on a drug test; this was resulting in completed tests not reflecting that in the screen status on Dash. We'll show a completed status now without all the middle statuses having a timestamp.

PSP and CDLIS Reduced Turnaround Time

Behind-the-scenes improvements have made it possible to reduce the turnaround time on CDLIS and PSP background screens to about 2 minutes.

Candidate Application Flexibility

Providing flexibility in which parts of the full application a candidate can complete will encourage a higher completion rate, so candidates can now move between pages and sections in the full application at-will instead of sequentially.

Candidate Export

Advanced reporting for Dash is coming soon, but while we wait, an export is now available on the Candidates list that will allow you to see the referral source and other data related to their progress.

Custom Referral Sites

If you have referral sites you use that aren't captured in our out-of-the-box set of standards, you can now add them in the Jobs tab of the Settings.

Recruiter Edits on Candidate Applications

Previously, edits on a candidate application were only allowed by the recruiter if a candidate had started that section. Based on feedback, all sections of the candidate application are now editable as soon as the candidate is added.

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