April 2023 Release



Foley Portal

Editing License Endorsements and Restrictions

License class, endorsements and restrictions can now be editing on the Employees page of the portal!


Reporting & Analytics

New MVR Orders Report

There's a new report called License Details available under Reports - Program Reports. This report will give you visibility into detailed license data for your active employees including class, endorsements and restrictions.


Driver Files

Annual Record of Violations

For your convenience, we've added a link to view the most recent MVR when you open the Annual Record of Violations alert. No more clicking around!

California EPN Signature

California EPN's require an employer signature to be compliant. We've taken the paper out of this process and added electronic signature capabilities in the portal. You'll see alerts show for new CA EPN's that will let you sign there. For existing EPN's, you can sign them inside Driver Files.


Occupational Health

Auto-Ordering Physicals

THE most common driver violation is a missing/expired medical certificate. You can now save time and energy on maintaining your drivers' med certs with the auto-order feature. Contact us to set up a preferred site and we'll handle scheduling a physical and notifying your drivers when a med cert is about to expire.


Employee Onboarding

Drug Test Scheduling 

Heads up! Drug test scheduling has been modified a bit to more closely resemble the experience ordering for current employees. Your expiration date/time will now default to your account setting if you have one, and you can check a box to exclude the date if you wish.

Drug Test Status Notifications

In Dash, you now have an option to stay even more on top of status changes on drug tests. Instead of just at the point of completion, we can send an email for each step of the process - collection, lab receipt, and MRO review!

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