June 2023 Release


Dash Onboard

Apply by License

Most candidates use a mobile device to complete their screening application, and that makes it 5 times more likely they'll mistype their license information costing you time and money. A new feature on the screening application allows candidates to take a picture or upload a license image and we'll populate the data from their license into the application; it saves the candidate effort and you some hassle.

Edit Signed Applications

Have a completed application that needs editing? A new button will appear at the top of the application that allows you to unlock it and make changes. We'll notify the candidate that you need a new signature to complete the application again.


Motor Vehicle Report

Completing MVR Pointer Alerts

You can now mark MVR pointer alerts as completed, so they stop showing in your Alerts list.


Occupational Health

Issue Date Required for Med Certs

When your employees upload medical certificates, they will now be required to enter an issue date. This data will help us improve your experience in the portal.

Med Cert Expiration Validation

When an MVR shows a medical certificate expiration that differs from the medical certificate on file, we show an alert for that driver. We won't show this alert for non-CDL drivers going forward since their med certs don't always get reported to the state licensing agency.

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