How to Set a Preferred Site for Auto-Ordering Physicals

Select a Preferred Site

In Foley’s platform, you are now able easily “set and forget” a preferred medical office location for your drivers’ DOT physicals and automatically order their examinations.

Our platform identifies drivers with upcoming medical certificates that are expiring in the next 60 days and auto-orders physicals for you, so you no longer need to do it manually.

All you have to do is select a location as your preferred site.

  1. When logging into the portal, navigate to Occupational Health >> Order a physical like you normally would.
  2. Once you search for a collection site and return a list of results, you'll have an option to select a "preferred site"
  3. Then, click Proceed.
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Using the Preferred Site

When ordering a site manually, this preferred site will show by default that you can override.  Upcoming expiring medical certificates will begin ordering tests using this site once drivers are identified.

Once a test is scheduled, the driver and the account contact will then receive an email with the collection site location and a link to download and print the authorization form:



More information related to ordering a physical can be found here.


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