Review Screening Statuses and Results in Dash

Once you've ordered screens for candidates in Dash, you can see their statuses and results on the Screening tab.

  1. Navigate to Candidates and select a candidate
  2. Select the Screening tab
  3. You'll see a list of all screens that have been ordered for the candidate. Expand a section to see details.
  4. Completed screens will have a View Report button. This will open a PDF of the detailed results of that screening.

Screen Status Definitions

Order Placed Dash is checking data and disclosures to make sure we have everything we need to run the screen.
Awaiting Candidate (yellow) There is a missing consent or missing data preventing us from running the screen. We sent an email to the candidate requesting anything that's missing. Check out the Screening Summary section to see what we're waiting on.
Awaiting Candidate (red) The candidate responded to our request for more data, but there was still a problem placing the order. Use the Screening Summary section to see what happened.
In Progress We're in the process of completing the screen. For drug tests, you can see a more detailed status by expanding the details section.
Complete A report is available and no further updates are expected on these screenings.
Expired We've been waiting longer than 3 months for the candidate to provide missing data or consents. These screens will no longer update.
Error Something went wrong. Contact Foley if it persists on a new order.


Awaiting Candidate Troubleshooting

If it seems like all the required data and consents to run a screen are present, use the Retry Awaiting Screens button.

  1. At the top of the Screening tab, when one or more screens are Awaiting Candidate, you'll see a button:
  2. Click Retry Awaiting Screens and Dash will run through its checks again to try to place the order.


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