Hire or Reject Candidates in Dash

When you're ready, non-regulated candidates can be hired or dispositioned at any point during the process. DOT-regulated candidates will need a completed application before they can be hired.

  1. Navigate to Candidates and select a candidate. Candidates who have completed all screening phases will be in the Hire/Reject stage.
  2. For those candidates in the Hire/Reject stage, you can use the Up Next card to hire the candidate. The Actions menu can always be used to make a Hire or Reject decision. 

Hiring a Candidate

The Hire action will take you through a few steps to get the candidate ready for ongoing compliance as your employee.

  1. You'll first be asked to select an account if you have multiple, related accounts with Foley
  2. Next, we'll ask you to select the programs in which the candidate should be enrolled. We'll pre-select the programs that make sense based on the job type, but you can toggle any on/off.
  3. For candidates who require a safety performance history (SPH), you'll see a third step if the candidate has not completed the consent to contact former employers. There will be an option to upload the consent or ask the employee to upload it.
  4. Click Hire Candidate and that's it. The employee will now show in your compliance portal.
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