September 2023 Release


Dash Onboard

Resending Candidate Action Links

To prevent confusion for your candidates in Dash, the Request Full Application link will not be available in the Actions menu while another actionable link is active for that candidate. Instead, you'll be able to resend the current active link to the candidate. For example, if a candidate has a pending action to provide data/consents for a screen, you can resend the link to complete that action, but not the full application link.


Motor Vehicle Reports

California EPN Source

We've made it easier to tell the source of your California EPN's. On the PDF, you'll see whether an EPN is the result of the initial run, a pointer, ad hoc, or an annual initiated by the state.


Alerts & Notifications

License Alerts and Self-Service

Actioning license alerts just got much easier. We'll prefill the license data on expiring license alerts, so you can just update the info that's changing without completing the entire form. You'll also be able to add endorsement and restriction info directly in the alert. The same goes for your drivers if you choose to send them a link instead.

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