CSA Monitor FAQ

Below you will find frequently asked questions about Foley’s CSA Monitor. Setup instructions can be found here

What is CSA Monitor?

Foley’s CSA Monitor checks your FMCSA portal for you every single day across all of your regulated drivers and DOT #s. It provides visibility into:

  • Summary of # of Inspections, Clean Inspections, Violations, Severity Points
  • FMCSA CSA Measures
  • Every Inspection Report and Crash report with violation, driver, and vehicle details 
  • Trending Data on inspections, severity points, and violations and crashes 
How often does Foley check my data in the FMCSA Portal?
Foley checks the FMCSA Portal for changes to your compliance data and driver activity every single day.
Why don’t I receive a CSA Monitor Email daily?
CSA Monitor emails are only sent to you if there are any changes in driver activity to report. If there are no updates, you do not receive an email.
How can I dispute something incorrect that is found in my data?
As a motor carrier, the FMCSA provides you with the option to dispute the data on their DataQ site. You can navigate to https://dataqs.fmcsa.dot.gov/ to create an account/log in and submit an appeal inquiry to challenge the data.  The process involves - An RDR (request for document review) supplying documentation or reasoning as to why the info in an inspection/crash is incorrect. An FMCSA representative will respond in approximately 2 weeks with either (a) approval to change/update (b) denial or (c) request for more info/documentation.
How can I change who in my organization receives the CSA Monitor emails?
Reach out to your CSM for any changes you need to make to CSA Monitor email recipients.
Can I customize the structure or timing of the CSA Monitor emails
Not currently. The team will be gathering feedback and improving the product over time.


If you need additional assistance, please contact Foley at 860-815-0796

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