CSA Monitor Setup Guide


This guide will enable you to begin receiving daily CSA Monitor emails in just a few steps.

Setup Steps

Authorize Foley For Data Access

  1. Once you have signed up for CSA Monitor and have provided Foley with your DOT number, Foley will make a request within the FMCSA Portal to access data for your USDOT Number as a third-party.  
  2. You will receive an email from the FMCSA asking to approve the access request from Foley CSA Monitor.
  3. Navigate to https://portal.fmcsa.dot.gov/login  If you have a login, enter your credentials. If you do not have a login with the FMCSA, see below for instructions on how to Register.
  4. Under "Pending Account Requests", look for the "Foley CSA Monitor" and click the magnifying glass 5. Scroll down to the bottom and click “Approve Request"

That’s it! Foley will begin processing the CSA inspection and crash data and sending you the CSA Monitor emails. 



The following helps with several common issues customers may experience when setting up CSA Monitor. 

Help Case #1

If the DOT# provided returns the "There is not a Company Official registered" error message.

The customer will need to register for an account. 

Register for a New Account

  1. click register for an account at the bottom of the purple box.
  2. "Choose Company Employee of an Associate of a Company"
  3. Enter your USDOT # and choose the role "Portal View Sensitive Company Information"  from the list, and click Add Role.
  4. The "Reason for Request" Field can be populated with "3rd Party Access"
  5. Click "Add USDOT" to list after you've added the number and click "Next.
  6. Enter in your contact information, choose a userID and password combination you'll remember.
  7. Set up your security Identification.
  8. Click next to continue onto the remaining screens to set up your account
  9. There are additional steps you'll need to follow on page 4 and 5.
  10. Once registered and your login has been verified with Login.gov, let Foley know so that the data access request can be sent.


Help Case #2

If the data access request was able to be sent / is pending and awaiting customer approval, but the customer logs in and does not see the "pending requests" box on homepage of FMCSA portal.

          We have seen this happen if the company official listed on the DOT# account within the FMCSA portal is not with the company, or unknown.


1. The customer will need to search for the DOT# (Account Management tab> My Profile > DOT# search) and select "submit a challenge", entering the PIN# when prompted.

 If needing a PIN for the first time, or if PIN entered is not working, or if PIN is lost/unknown: PIN Triage (dot.gov)

2. Once the company official is updated, that company official will be able to view/approve any pending data access requests upon login.

  •  This happens because Clearinghouse designates that there are two types of Portal accounts, we need the company official to be set up by the customer so that they can view and approve data access request. 



Help Case #3

To Verify Current Access for Foley


To verify that access has been granted successfully, you can check under “Account Management” >> Manage User Access 


Under search for users, click “Find Results” 


Foley CSA Monitor should show on the list 



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