November 2023 Release

Capture your medical certification self-certification in Dash

Dash now captures medical certifcate self-certifications when you add it in the recruiter view, candidate application, or upload it on the Documents tab of Dash. This ensures that your drivers' medical certification status is accurately reflected in the system and provides a comprehensive view of their certification status.

Simplify the process of adding med cert "Issued Date" on the ISP

To maintain data integrity, we have simplified the process of adding the "Issued Date" for medical certificates on the Initial Screening Package. We have removed the pop-up menu that tried to guess the date and, instead, we encourage drivers to manually enter the information as it appears on the medical certificate to ensure accuracy.

Cancel screens awaiting candidate data on dispositioning

Going forward, any screen that's waiting for candidate data or consents will be automatically canceled when they are dispositioned. This applies to incomplete screens. Please note that Accio screens that have already reached Accio, MVR's, as well as drug tests at the "Specimen Collected" stage or later, will not be canceled.

Enhance visibility of CA EPN reason in your Driver Files list

To provide greater visibility, the Foley portal now displays the reason (Enrollment, Pointer, Annual, or Ad Hoc EPN) for your CA EPN's (Employer Pull Notice) in the Driver Files list.

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