December 2023 Release

Stay informed about your driver's medical certificate

You'll now receive an alert in the Foley portal if the issue date or expiration date on your drivers' medical certificates do not match recently run Med Cert MVR's. You can easily correct the data or re-upload the med cert directly from the alert, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information.

Easily manage driver's license information

We have improved the license upload feature in Driver Files and Alerts to pre-fill your driver's license information automatically. This reduces errors for ongoing monitoring and screenings that depend on drivers' licenses, providing a smoother experience for you.

Upload paper copies of CA EPN's as custom documents

You now have the ability to upload paper copies of your CA EPN (Employer Pull Notice) motor vehicle records as custom documents in Driver Files. Simply upload a new document and scroll to the "My Docs" section to add the necessary information.

Maintain visibility of candidates hired into different accounts

If you hire candidates into a different account than the one they started in, they'll remain visible in the original account along with their screening information and activity stream. These employees won't appear in Dash in the account they were hired into until ongoing compliance features are built into Dash in the future.

Adjudicate scored MVRs in Dash

Scored MVRs will now appear in Dash with Pass/Non-Pass options, allowing you to adjudicate according to your preferences. If an MVR is graded below the allowable threshold set for your account, Dash will show "Pass" instead of "Complete." Otherwise, it will show "Review" and present you with the adjudication options.

Improved document upload section in Dash

We have removed the expiration date field from document types in the document upload section of Dash that did not require expirations. This streamlines the process and ensures that you only provide the necessary information when uploading documents.

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