January 2024 Release

Stay informed about driver's medical certificate

You will receive an alert in the portal if the issue date or expiration date on a driver's medical certificate does not match a recently run Med Cert MVR. Correct the data or re-upload the med cert directly from the alert to keep the driver file accurate.

Enhanced MVR reports with medical certificate data

The Medical Card/MVR Supplement Report now includes the Med Cert Self-Certification field. Additionally, the MVR Orders Report has three new columns - Med Cert Expiration Date, Med Cert Issued Date, and Med Cert Self-Certification - providing you with a more comprehensive view of med cert data.

Compliance with California and Washington regulations

To comply with recent regulations, we've added drug-free workplace drug panels that exclude THC. This ensures that your drug testing program aligns with the requirements in states that have outlawed THC testing.

Easily identify MVR grades on PDF

If Foley is scoring your Motor Vehicle Reports, you'll now see the grade displayed on the result PDF for easy reference. This allows you to quickly assess the results and take appropriate actions before reviewing the entire report.

Exempt employees from medical certificate requirement

You can now mark individual employees in Foley as exempt from the medical certificate requirement. This ensures that they won't generate alerts related to medical certificates, providing flexibility for specific cases.

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