February 2024 Release

MVR Monitoring Customization

Baseline MVRs are produced as a standard part of MVR Monitoring enrollment. You can now configure the number of days (1-30) to look back for recent MVR runs to eliminate the need for a baseline. As a reminder, Texas and California do not provide an option to bypass the baseline.

Updated FCRA Summary of Rights Document

Here at Foley, we keep ourselves up to date with regulatory changes and ensure our product offering matches what is required. The FCRA Summary of Rights acknowledgement that is signed by candidates has been updated to match the language used in the latest version provided by the government.

Employment Verification Customization

If you are running Employment Verification for your non-regulated candidates, you can now define a custom number of years of employment history you'd like to capture from your candidates on the Dash application.

Clearinghouse TPA Alert

We fixed a problem causing the "Designate Foley as a TPA" alert to show at the wrong times. It was incorrectly appearing allowing with the 'low query balance' alert.

Dash Screening Statuses Simplified

Complete drug test and physicals in Dash will show new statuses going forward. Instead of 'Complete' we'll show 'Pass' if a drug test returns a negative result and if a physical is successful; 'Non-Pass' will show for positive drug tests and physicals that were unsuccessful.

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