May 2024 Release

Summarize Reviewable Background Check Components

To save you some time and energy, we'll start flagging background checks in Dash with a Review status if any of the components come back as reviewable (hits found or not verified). Additionally, the components that need review will be listed in the details area of the screen.

Adjudicate Reviewable Background Checks

Reviewable background checks will show options to Pass or Non-Pass that screen, so that you'll be able to tell whether it's been reviewed already.

Generic Authorization Form for Physicals

When a site search for a DOT physical does not return any results within 50 miles of your search, Dash will offer a generic authorization form that can be used at a site of your choice.

Signature Requirement for CA MVRs

CA EPN enrollees are required to have their pre-employment MVRs reviewed and signed. Going forward, all MVRs run on commercial licenses in California will require a signature to ensure you are prepared for an audit in CA.

Custom Consents on Dash Applications

If you typically have your candidates sign or acknowledge your company policies, you'll now be able to do so in the Dash candidate application. Dash now supports capturing electronic signatures from your candidates on your company policies.

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