Understanding Clearinghouse Statuses

The FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse can be a useful tool, but not always as straightforward as we might like. Let us help you translate what the various statuses mean.

Status/Result Definition
Pending Driver Consent Full queries (those that include all details of any violations) require the driver's consent every time because they are FCRA-regulated.
Specific Consent Required

You'll see this status appear in a couple of scenarios:

  1. A limited/annual query has returned potential violations which requires a full query to be run.
  2. A potential change to the driver's status has been reported within 30 days of your last query run.

Foley will go ahead and automatically request consent when these scenarios show up, so you don't have to.

Completed/Driver Not Prohibited The driver is cleared to continue safety-sensitive functions. 🎉
Completed/Driver Prohibited Violations exist that require the driver to be removed from safety-sensitive functions until a return-to-duty plan has been completed.
Cancelled The query was cancelled before any result was returned. Foley will cancel incomplete queries for you if you choose not to hire a candidate or inactivate a current employee.
Driver Not Verified Either the state, license number, name, or date of birth don't match exactly what the state has. Doublecheck the information on the license to be sure it was entered correctly in the Foley portal.
Consent Refused

The driver declined to consent to a full query being run. If this is a current employee, he or she should be removed from safety-sensitive functions.


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