Upload a Certificate of Road Test

In case you missed it during the onboarding process, there are a couple of ways to upload a certificate of road test for a current employee.

Via the alert prompt:

For employees who would be expected to have a certificate of road test for compliance reasons, but do not have one on file, you’ll see an alert on the Dashboard.

  1. Click the Certificate of Road Test – Complete and Sign alert
  2. You may either provide the certificate here, a CDL license or certify that the current license is a valid CDL
  3. Click Complete Alert

Via Driver Files

  1. Use the top navigation to find and click on Manage Programs – Driver Files
  2. You’ll see a list of employees on the left. You may also search using the search box to narrow the list
  3. Select an employee from the list
  4. On the right side, click Edit Files
  5. You’ll find a section here to Upload a New File. Select the Document “DQF: Certificate of Road Test or Equivilent”
  6. Upload an image of the certificate
  7. Click Save New Employee File
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