Clearinghouse Query Types and When to Run Them

Using Foley's Clearinghouse program can help you stay compliant with FMCSA Clearinghouse regulations from consents to getting your queries run on time. Continue reading to understand which queries have to be run and when.

Query Type When? Requires Limited Consent Requires Specific Consent
Pre-Employment Before starting safety-sensitive functions No Yes
Limited At least once a year Yes If records are found
Full If records are found on an annual limited query No Yes



Prior to hiring an employee, a pre-employment query must be run in the Clearinghouse. The results of this query will include a full report of past positive drug and alcohol tests, so it will require the candidate to consent directly in the Clearinghouse website.


A limited query must be run at least once a year. Limited queries only require a one-time consent because they do not include details of any violations. If you use a Clearinghouse program with Foley, we'll capture that consent for you electronically during the application process, and run a limited query for you 11 months after the date of the last query run.

Occasionally, a limited query can return results that need further review. If that happens, Clearinghouse will notify you by adding a button to 'Send Consent Request' to the employee. Foley will automatically request consent when that happens if you have the Clearinghouse program.


Full queries include full details of any violations and return-to-duty plans for a driver. If records are found on a limited query, a full query must be run. Clearinghouse will prompt this action by showing a 'Send Consent Request' button on the limited query. Since the result will include full details, you won't be able to view the result until the driver has consented.


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