Foley Compliance Score

Foley shows a score at the top of your Foley portal dashboard to make it easy to see where you stand on compliance. Scores are based off your Foley program subscription. Your score is impacted based on these alerts:



Area Alert Name Alert Description
Clearinghouse Pre-Employment Query Prohibited - Review Needed
Clearinghouse Pre-Employment Query Consent Not Provided
Clearinghouse Pre-Employment Query Candidate Refused Consent
Clearinghouse Pre-Employment Query Driver Verification Required

Annual Query

Limited Consent Not on File
Clearinghouse Annual Query Prohibited - Review Needed
Clearinghouse Annual Query Consent Not Provided

Driver's License

Driver's License No License on File  
Medical Certificate Expired  
Medical Certificate No Certificate on File  
Drug and Alcohol No Valid Pre-Employment Test  
Drug and Alcohol Disqualified (Positive Test) with no RTD  
Drug and Alcohol Disqualified (Refusal) with no RTD  
Annual Record of Violations Review An Supervisor Signature is Required  
Certificate of Road Test Complete and Sign  
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