Enable Employee Self-Service

For those using the Foley Driver Qualification File Maintenance program, Employee Self-Service empowers you to request electronic signatures and missing documentation from your employees so you can reduce the need for paper disclosures and acknowledgements and reduce your time-to-hire.

Follow these steps to enable Employee Self-Service:

  1. Navigate to Account Settings in the top menu
  2. Under the Default Settings section, there is an option called "Driver Self-Service". Choose "Automatic" or "Manual" to enable self-service.
    1. Automatic - this option will automatically trigger emails to the employee when a document or disclosure is needed. You will also have options to send emails manually in case they need to be re-sent.
    2. Manual - this will enable you to choose when to email document requests to an employee. If you select this option, you will see an email icon email.png on your alerts that you can use to send emails.

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