Order a Drug Test

Employees who have been selected for random testing will need a test ordered. Drug and alcohol tests can be quickly ordered by following these steps.

1.  Navigate to Manage Programs - Drug & Alcohol
2.  Employees who have been selected for a random test will appear on the right under Test Notifications. For any others, use the left panel to find an employee. Hover over the employee and click the map map.png icon.
  • Target dates for random selections are equally distributed across the selection period, but you are welcome to order random tests within the period as you wish.
3.  Start on the left side under Step 1: Verify and complete any missing information. Confirm the data is correct by checking the box.
4.  Step 2: Select the test type and reason. Click Add to Test Item List.
  • You add multiple tests in this step if you'd like, including physicals.
  • The test site options will be based on your selections here, so the tests can be completed in a single visit where possible.
5.  Step 3: Set the Order and Expiration Dates
6.  On the right side, select "Send email to person so that they may select the site" if you'd like the employee to choose a test site OR enter a zip code and select a site on the employee's behalf.
  • If you choose to allow the employee to select the site, he/she will receive an email with a link to choose a site.
7.  Select recipients to receive notifications about the ordered test. This email will include the authorization form to be used at the test site.
8.  Click Order Test

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