Review Drug & Alcohol Random Testing Selections

Find and Download Selection Notices

Random drug and alcohol test selection notices are available for your convenience as a means of informing employees of the selection. Follow these steps to find and print the PDF.

  1. Navigate to Manage Programs - Drug & Alcohol
  2. Click Search All Notifications
  3. A list of random drug and alcohol selections appear on the left. Search or scroll to find an employee.
    • Note the date range defaults to the current month
    • This notification is not a substitute for an authorization or custody and control form (CCF). Order the test to obtain an authorization that can be used by the test site.
    • Alcohol tests do not require CCF forms. Collection sites that conduct breath alcohol tests have forms available at their locations.


Download a Random Selection Report

You can download an Excel file of all your random drug and alcohol selections in a given period.

  1. Navigate to the Reports page
  2. Under Program Reports, expand the Drug & Alcohol Reports section
  3. Select a date range and program type under the Random Selections Report
  4. Click Run Report



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